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Alethia Berenice Montero Baena

Dreamy by choice, imaginative by vocation ... born on May 17, 1985, the year of the most famous Mexican earthquake, her life would be similar to that. Within this murky path, he finds in the Theater one of his best therapies, thus arriving and after a degree in Psychology and training in prospective studies since 2003, to the methodology of the Theater of Becoming. "It's not about doing desktop projects, it's about basing scenarios from perceptions and bringing them to reality for a moment, before they can happen ..." Also integrating their training in dance, theater and singing, among other disciplines including scientific , together with his colleague Psychofutuartista Martha Jaramillo (Colombia), he creates the Psycho-Prospective Theory, which is based on investigating what human beings can think, feel and act towards the future, being the Theater of Becoming the fundamental tool of this theory. Multiple national and international trips, several decades as a teacher and instructor in various fields together with a Master's Degree in Humanistic Body Psychotherapy have also led her to combine a series of learning about different cultures, ways of being, types of people of all ages (including unbalanced people, in seclusion) and greater deepening of body-mind wisdom and emotions.

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