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Forward Theater

Theater is a powerful pedagogical tool. Future thinking and longer term is a complex issue, little practiced at least in LA.


As an experiential methodology of Future Studies, of the Prospective as it is known in Latin America (long-term futures studies), the Theater of Becoming allows people to experience scenarios such as stories, through an activity in their own flesh.


That is to say, through the theater, they manifest possibilities of the best, the worst, the most probable thing that can happen in a certain time (from ten years onwards as they work) and on a specific topic (environment, education, etc. .) collectively.


It is the result of a mixture between Psychology, Prospective and Theater.

It is based on a breath-body-voice warming to connect with oneself and have a spiritual insight; theater techniques and final stage performances (works).


Participants experience a drill, an essay on what they can think, feel and do in future situations.


During the method the long-term vision, the narrative of futures, storytelling, emotional intelligence and decision-making, among other elements, are applied.


All this becomes meaningful learning; Action actors (not acting) are trained, the theory becomes transcendent and is a beginning to be prospective, not just prospective.

The methodology has been applied mostly in school environments, at the Bachelor's level, different postgraduate modalities, courses, workshops, meetings, in an international congress of futures studies, as a complement to some subject or as an exclusive methodology.


Areas that have covered this teaching are: Prospective and strategy, social prospective, public administration, communication, military intelligence, Psychology, conflicts, to mention the majority. The population covered includes young adults, adults and some senior citizens, in different countries with uniform and varied nationalities and some replicas with different turns in other regions.


An outstanding experience outside the school environment is that belonging to the project "Social reintegration in female prisoners of Santa Martha Acatitla" project LEALA Mexico of the World Futures Studies Federation. A group of female prisoners set up possible futures when they left prison, after having instructed them with tools for life, changes in thinking and techniques for a better performance of their emotional intelligence, motivating them to want to choose the option that was most favorable to them. The "nobility" of this methodology grants the power to work with communities, academia and even companies.


His practice has allowed participants to “get out of the box”, integrate and empower their being, further develop their right hemisphere of the brain, enhance their body-mind system in unconventional ways, has helped to face the scenic panic; introspection is highly accomplished; in a fun way affectivity and socialization take place while learning, the more benefits.


Of course, the main advantage is that it opens a window to be able to visualize - and experience - situations that still do not happen but could do so and anticipate possible thoughts, feelings and actions around it with therapeutic faculties.


You are the one who truly sets his own limits.

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